The Remedy Radicals

Meet the Makers

Husband and wife team Emmet and Sarah Condon, founded Remedy Kombucha after becoming increasingly frustrated with the food industry and the number of misleading so-called ‘healthy’ products on shelves. Rather than focus on the negative, they decided to pour that energy into good and make something that was truly natural and good for you.

They had long been obsessed with crafting and nurturing a whole range of fermented food and drinks in their home, such as kefir, sauerkraut and beet kvass, as well as raw kombucha. The couple soon saw an opportunity to turn their passion into a business that would offer more people the chance to enjoy a real, wholesome drink: a healthy, organic, guilt-free alternative to sugary soft drinks and fruit juices.

Their aim was – and still is – to make authentic kombucha appealing and accessible to the widest possible audience, whilst also remaining committed to quality and traditional processes.

The first batch of Remedy Kombucha was made in Sarah and Emmet Condon’s Melbourne kitchen the old-fashioned way: using a pure, live, kombucha mother culture, combined with a tasty tea brew.

While they may no longer be brewing on the kitchen table, every bottle of Remedy Kombucha is still made exactly same way, in small batches in their Melbourne fermentary using the very same original mother culture.

Sarah and Emmet are passionate about sharing their knowledge of the benefits of kombucha and fermentation and are proud to be part of a growing movement of businesses and individuals taking a stand and showing how easy it really is to make better, healthier choices.

The Condons live in the hinterland of Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula with their three young children. They believe in living a slow, purposeful life, dedicating their day to doing things that they are passionate about: bushwalking, cooking, experimenting with different ferments and practising meditation daily.