Apple Crisp – 250ml


Cans are sold as 24 per carton

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Fresh and fruity. With tart, crisp notes, it really gives a crunch.

If you love apple juice or cider but want to skip the sugar and/or booze bloat, Apple Crisp should float your boat. Fresh and fruity. Subtly sweet and delightfully dry. Tart and crisp. Wholesomely delightful. You can almost taste and hear the real apple crunch as you swig this one down. A firm favourite that seriously puts the ‘fresh’ in refreshment.


Tasting Notes

Picture this. You’re walking through an orchard. The sun on your skin. The breeze through your hair. Breathe in the aroma of fresh green apples straight from the tree…

Actually, no need to picture, it. Crack open our Apple Crisp instead. Savour the fresh and fruity flavours on your palate so real it’s almost crunchy. The organic acids naturally present in our booch help to emphasise the crisp, tart apple flavours that linger in your mouth well after the drink is finished. No need to linger longer, this one’s a cracker.

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