FAQS: Remedy and Refrigeration

Why is Remedy ok to be sold out of the fridge?

We know that Remedy is a-ok in or out of the fridge because we brew out all of the sugar (which means there’s no risk of refermentation) and our live cultures are strong, healthy and safe (which means they not only survive but thrive in and out of the fridge). We’ve tested throughout shelf life to prove it.


How do the live cultures stay “alive” out of the fridge?

The live cultures in every Remedy Kombucha are extremely strong, healthy and happy. This is because we follow an old-school, long-aged brewing process using a relative of the same live culture that we used for our very first batch. This means it is extremely healthy, strong and at home in our kombucha.

The brewing process happens in a warm environment and our testing has shown the live cultures not only survive but thrive right throughout shelf life, with absolutely no difference in quantity or quality whether kept in or out of the fridge.


Is Remedy Kombucha “safe” out of the fridge?

The good bacteria that works its magic in Remedy Kombucha is 100% safe in and out of the fridge.
There is never any risk of the good bacteria in our kombucha turning bad, it just won’t happen. Our live culture thrives in our low pH fermented tea environment and it inhibits the growth of bad bacteria.


Why do other raw kombucha brands have to be kept refrigerated?

The main reason other raw kombuchas must be kept refrigerated is because they still contain sugar, which will continue to ferment in the bottle if left unrefrigerated. This can cause a buildup of pressure and potential elevated alcohol content. Remedy is different because we brew out ALL of the sugar, which means there is no risk of refermentation.


Why did you previously advise that Remedy must be kept refrigerated?

We wanted to wait until we were 100% sure it was a-ok. Kombucha has around as a drink for donkey’s years, but as a commercial product, the drink is still pretty new. In the food and drink biz, shelf life advice is generally based on historical category data. That simply didn’t exist for Remedy, plus our kombucha is unique because it’s the only one to naturally contain no sugar. We erred on the side of caution until we were able to complete our own shelf life testing.


Why does some packaging still say “must keep refrigerated”?

There is no difference in the liquid goodness you find inside any bottle or can of Remedy Kombucha, whether it’s sold in or out of the fridge.

You may still see some bottles or cans around with the advice “must be kept refrigerated”. This is because they were printed prior to shelf life testing being completed. We think it would be a huge waste to pulp these, so we are using up as many as we can for the product that will continue to be sold in fridges.

Our new packaging, including all cans going into soft drink aisles, no longer carry this advice, instead it suggests “best served chilled”. This advice is simply because we think it tastes best cold.


What’s the difference between the Remedy in the fridge and the cans in the soft drink aisle?

There is no difference in the liquid goodness inside any of our types of packaging. Same recipe, same old school small-batch brewing process. We don’t pasteurise, filter or strain. Never have. Never will.


Does this mean I can leave my Remedy out of the fridge at home?

It’s fine to store Remedy out of the fridge, but we do recommend chilling them before drinking, because we think they taste best cold!