From the kitchen bench that brought you Remedy Kombucha comes Remedy Switchel: another old school fizzy that’s deliciously refreshing, full of live cultured goodness and I Quit Sugar approved.

Made with raw organic apple cider vinegar (ACV) and fresh ginger, combined with other tasty natural ingredients, it’s full of goodness to rehydrate, improve gut health, reduce inflammation, boost immunity and more!



So what the heck IS a switchel? Well, we’d hazard a guess it’s probably the most delicious drink you’ve never heard of.

Let’s be clear, it’s not another kombucha flavour. This is a whole new drink… that’s actually totally old school.

Switchel has been made on kitchen benches around the world for hundreds of years. In fact, our fearless founders, Sarah and Emmet, have been making switchel at home for a while and figured it was about time they shared it with you!

The recipe behind the drink is nothing new. Switchel is believed to have originated in the West Indies in the 1600s, before spreading around the world. In the early 1700s, farmers in the USA got hold of it, dubbing it “Haymakers Punch”. They thought it was the ultimate thirst quencher during and after long days of hard yakka harvesting crops. And ya know what, those guys were onto something!



The goodness in Remedy Switchel comes down to three key factors: apple cider vinegar, ginger and no sugar, naturally.



Apple cider vinegar is highly recommended as a tonic for enjoying on the daily. This is because research shows it can:

  • Regulate blood sugar levels
  • Aid digestion and improve gut health
  • Help to regulate appetite
  • Promote good heart health and help keep cholesterol levels low
  • Help restore balance in the body after heavy physical exertion, thanks to naturally occurring electrolytes
  • Balance the body’s pH levels



Remedy Switchel is made from real, raw, pressed ginger. We press it ourselves in house. You should see our muscles. Ginger’s been known for yonks for its fair dinkum health benefits, including:

  • Aid digestion
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Help reduce pain symptoms
  • Boost immunity



Like the Remedy drinks you’ve hopefully already come to know and love, Remedy Switchel naturally contains no sugar, backed by an official tick of approval from Sarah Wilson’s I Quit Sugar.



Remedy Switchel has what we like to call the taste trifecta: sweet and sour with a touch of spice. We’re kicking things off with two DEEEEEELISH  flavours:

  • Finger Lime: A fizzy with fire, zest and tang. Ginger brings the heat while lime keeps it cool.
  • Blood Orange: Fiery ginger meets its match in this bittersweet beauty. Tart yet smooth, it’s a real kicker.

Remedy Switchel is raw and unpasteurised and contains real ginger, so it may appear cloudy. Give it a swirl before you give it a whirl!



Remedy Switchel is available in our online store right now! Click here to nab a case of Blood Orange or here for a case of  Finger Lime.

Remedy Switchel is also rolling into independent stockists such as independent supermarkets, local grocers, health food stores all over Australia. If your local Remedy dealer doesn’t have it, ask them to order it in!

UK and NZ mates, stay tuned for roll out in your neck of the woods.