Oh hello summer. We’re coming in hot with another new flavour.

Get your phone ready to snap a selfie cause this little number is pretty as a… PEACH 🍑 🍑🍑 and it’s dropped into 7-Eleven across Australia. Because when life’s hella hectic, it’s good to know you can enjoy a tasty bevvie and still look after yourself.



We’re channelling summer vibes with this one, big time. It’s delicately luscious, fizzy and refreshing, pairing the real taste of ripe peach with just the right balance of sweet and sour.

Of course, it’s also guilt free, full of goodness aaaand tasty as all get out.  Remedy Kombucha Peach is I Quit Sugar approved and is full of goodness in the form of live cultures, organic acids and antioxidants.

Go on! Pop a bottle. Snap a pic. Post a vid. As always, we’d love to hear what you think.

Find your closest 7-Eleven* here.

UPDATE: Remedy Kombucha Peach is now also available to purchase by the case here!

* UK & NZ mates, don’t despair! We are working on getting some PEACHy keen goodness to you too, real soon peachy pinky swear!