OMG! Kombucha just got cuter!

Remedy launches 250ml cans

June, 2017

Remedy Kombucha has just released their much-loved I Quit Sugar-approved kombucha in an all-new more compact package: the cutest little 250ml cans you ever did see.

For the uninitiated, kombucha (pron. kom-BOO-cha) originated in ancient China and is made through a fermentation process involving sweet tea, wild bacteria and healthy yeasts.

The result is a delicious sparkling drink that is full of live cultures and healthy organic acids that are good for the gut and digestive health.

Starting out as a kitchen-bench experiment just five short years ago, Remedy Kombucha has gained a loyal cult following to become Australia’s most-loved kombucha.

Joining the existing Remedy family of 330ml and 750ml bottles, Remedy’s new cans have been designed with a Goldilocks mindset: not too little, not too much, but just right.

Emmet Condon, Remedy Co-founder, says the cans are perfect for grabbing on the go, making it even easier to make kombucha a part of more people’s everyday lives.

“We’re all about making kombucha appealing and accessible to the widest possible audience and we believe cans are another great way of doing just that,” Emmet said.

“They are smaller, which we believe will be attractive to some people trying kombucha for the first time.

“They are also lighter in weight, which makes it easy to pop one or two in a handbag, backpack, briefcase or gym bag for when you’re on-the-go,” he said.

“We also think they are an ideal size for kids. Lots of our customers report how happy they are to have kids who prefer kombucha over soft drink.”

Existing Remedy fans can be rest assured it is still the same authentic, handcrafted kombucha they love, full of real live cultures and organic acids.

The new cans also carry the official I Quit Sugar tick of approval. Remedy is the only kombucha brand to have this official recommendation from Sarah Wilson and her team of experts.

To kick off the launch, Remedy are rolling out the cans in their three best-selling flavours: Raspberry Lemonade, Ginger Lemon and Apple Crisp, with Original and Hibiscus Kiss set to roll out in a future release.

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