We do love a fresh new flavour around here. But we also have a soft spot for all things old-school. Which is where the inspo started for one of the youngest members of the Remedy family, Lemon Lime and Mint.

We’re going back to the future. Taking your tastebuds on a trip, where everything old is new again. But better.

Let’s set the scene. People are rocking flares. Dancing to disco. Out on the street there’s a lemonade stand. Hand-squeezing heroes are pouring their hearts into juicy cups of zingy goodness.

Queue the record scratch. Fast forward to 2018. Sugary drinks are out and kombucha is in. Sarah and Emmet and the Remedy team have taken this idea of a classic old-school lemonade, turned its on its head, thrown in some lime and mint for a fresh new booch blend that’ll knock your psychadelic socks off.

We’re talking old fashioned tangy goodness with a fresh twist, a citrus circus, the ultimate thirst quencher.

Lemon Lime & Mint joined our line up of bottles a little while back and was an instant hit. Now you can also get your hands on it in the form our our Goldilocks-approved (not too little, not too much) 250ml cans.


Visit your local independent Remedy dealer to see if they’re stocking it, or if you like the idea of having it delivered direct to your door by the case, we’re offering free delivery over here.