We consider ourselves pretty damn lucky to have some of the most amazing stockists going ’round. Quite frankly, if it wasn’t for them, we wouldn’t be where we are today. So we wanted to kick off a little regular column starring our stockists and what we love about them (aside from the fact that they sell our kombucha, of course).

To get things going, we’re starting on our home turf of Melbourne with the delightful Leaf Store. Best described as a modern version of a village grocer, Leaf Store have two outlets in Melbourne’s bayside – Elwood and Brighton – that offer a selection of the finest seasonal produce and specialty items from local growers, farmers and suppliers along with all your grocery essentials. Leaf Store were one of our earliest stockists and are still going strong today.


Our top 3 reasons we love Leaf Store:

1. Founded and run by people who care:

Like Remedy, Leaf was founded and is still run by people who care. Leaf founder Leon Mugavin still wakes up at 2am every morning to pick the freshest and best produce from the market. His motto is, “If it’s not good enough to feed to my family, it’s not good enough to be in my store.”

2. Focus on locally sourced products:

Leaf love their locals. And we’re not just talking about their customers (though that certainly is true). They share and celebrate the stories of their farmers and producers on their website, providing an amazing insight into what goes into making our food!  They also produce a weekly market report to you shop in-season and choose the best produce on offer.

3. Personal home delivery service:

Forget Uber Eats. Leaf’s home delivery service the real king of home delivered food. Imagine your weekly shop, selected in store by their team of food experts, delivered straight to your door.  It’s the next best thing to being a Leaf local.