Remedy Kombucha is all over this year’s Melbourne International Comedy Festival!

We’re setting up our very own Remedy Zone between the Arts Centre and Hamer Hall where you can hang out, have some fun and enjoy a FREE Remedy every weekend throughout the Festival.

We’ll also be popping up elsewhere around the festival.  Get clicking below to find out more and keep your eyes peeled and your tastebuds ready!


Can Dave Hughes convert some more Remedy Kombucha fans?

Hughesy's BACK spruiking Remedy Kombucha! Safe to say he loves the stuff. Can he convert some more fans? Watch and ...
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Why did Hughesy cross the road?

... To give away another tasty, healthy Remedy Kombucha. True story! Comedy legend Dave Hughes is back on the streets ...
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Hughesy Spruiks Remedy

Our mate Hughesy (aka comedy legend Dave Hughes) hit the streets to spruik Remedy Kombucha. Watch what happened. Keen for ...
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Find a Remedy at the Comedy Festival!

Guys. We made a mistake. We told you laughter really is the best remedy. But despite all that scientific evidence, ...
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Laughter really is the best remedy

Laughter is good for you. No duh, right? A good chuckle always makes you feel better. But did you know ...
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